Cause that's how I'm chillin'!

   A bit of seafood for today :)
   Courtesy of Jack and Liu Yan. Thanks for the good time guys!


Large numbers of fishing nets are set on a weekly basis on the surrounding areas of Bacău

Not only fish are caught in the nets
    Just another gear to look into :)
    A photo made last winter that I really like. Shot here together with this one.
    It's something that I really love about reviewing winter photos during summertime. It's like reminiscing about  some old, harsh times you successfully overcame.
    "Take that Winter!"

    Summer is here!
    And this means you can stay late to capture that beautiful warm light just before sunset.
    The calm water adds to the tranquility of this pictures shot moments just before sunset on Lake Bacău II.

Photos shot here:

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Who said romance was dead?


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