©Bogdan Bontas 2011

© Bogdan Bontas 2011

©Bogdan Bontaș 2011

Azi am mancat traditional:

© 2011 Bogdan Bontas

  Something with cabbage, minced meat and sour cream, I don't really know the recipe.

Varza la cuptor
    ... is usually empty.

Sweet&Sour Egg Salad

10 minutes snack. Perfect for the couch-potatoes!

  The Moon overlooking the city at night:

Almost at it's peak, the eclipse gave the moon a bright red color
  PS: I hope 4 years from now I'll have a telephoto with me :)
   Cause that's how I'm chillin'!

   A bit of seafood for today :)
   Courtesy of Jack and Liu Yan. Thanks for the good time guys!


Large numbers of fishing nets are set on a weekly basis on the surrounding areas of Bacău

Not only fish are caught in the nets
    Just another gear to look into :)
    A photo made last winter that I really like. Shot here together with this one.
    It's something that I really love about reviewing winter photos during summertime. It's like reminiscing about  some old, harsh times you successfully overcame.
    "Take that Winter!"

    Summer is here!
    And this means you can stay late to capture that beautiful warm light just before sunset.
    The calm water adds to the tranquility of this pictures shot moments just before sunset on Lake Bacău II.

Photos shot here:

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Who said romance was dead?
       Just a glimpse of the ceremony from Bacau, last Saturday night. Didn't stay out too long, it was shivering cold. I did managed to bring the burning candle back home, though :)

Priests spreading The Light to the people at midnight

Hundreds of people walking alongside the priests, preparing for the sermon

The Holy Light
    View from the gondola in Piatra-Neamt, March 2011.

    Some pictures shot recently on a waste management campaign put together by CRE Bacau in collaboration with local high-school volunteers. Approximately 200 young ecologists managed to gather hundreds of kilos of waste, finishing in the end with the planting of wicker in an area that was previously affected by fire. More about it here (only Romanian).

A dog den

Knee deep in waste

Planting wicker

Planting wicker

Planting wicker

Planting wicker

Hard work pays off

Off to the dump
      Bacău celebrated Earth Hour with a small public display on "Tricolorului Square" Saturday night, 26th of March, 2011. There was a nice act put together by "In The Spot", a local artist's group and, of course, we've switched off at half past eight PM.
      More on Earth Hour here.
Beginning of the show

"In The Spot" performing

Lights out!

Games in the dark
    Details of the igloo on top of the "Cozla" ski slope, Piatra-Neamt, Romania.

    And it looks like it's never gonna end!

    "Tuna bucatini" or some amazingly delicious tuna pasta!

  Peeking through the fence of an old soccer field at sunset. Pretty desolated. I hate winter!

  Yay, a new year awaits us! And a blistering cold one to begin with. I went outside yesterday night to shoot something snowy but nothing really came up. On one hand because, well, I wasn't able to find something worth capturing and on the other hand, I almost froze my ass out, trying to find a subject. So I shot this one on my way back home. Nothing special, I just like the deserted feel of it.


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