Earth Hour Bacău, last weekend

      Bacău celebrated Earth Hour with a small public display on "Tricolorului Square" Saturday night, 26th of March, 2011. There was a nice act put together by "In The Spot", a local artist's group and, of course, we've switched off at half past eight PM.
      More on Earth Hour here.
Beginning of the show

"In The Spot" performing

Lights out!

Games in the dark


  1. I would rather have lit up extra bulbs
    in protest at the coming ban on regular incandescents ;-)
    - there is no energy shortage for electricity
    justifying telling what paying consumers can use,
    especially since the overall energy savings are less than 1%,
    also from US Dept of Energy and EU institutional statistics ( )

  2. I'm just the one snapping the photos :)
    As for the electricity shortage...I really don't know. This is for raising awareness of sustainability on a broad view IMHO.



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